Be Creative by Choosing Bottle Cutter for Your DIY Love At Home

It’s a great news for all the creative chunks out there!! If you’re getting bored out there, sitting all day without any hobbies or entertainment. Then, get the best bottle cutter to entertain your spare time at home with exciting DIY ideas. This gives you tons of ideas to make your living room, dining room or your complete home a different and innovative experience.

We need our home to be bright and creative with craft wonders but, most of the ornamental accessories are not easy to afford. So, decorate your home in a cost-effective way with the help of a bottle cutter. This makes your home special and attractive. Be creative on the go!!

How to use a bottle cutter?

Before you for the innovative ideas, you should know how to use a bottle cutter machine and what the different ways,

  • Initially, keep a waste bottle in the bottle cutter and adjust the length according to your crafts requirements.
  • Now, rotate the bottle on the sharp blades and make a perfect cut. Keep your hands safe while doing this process.
  • After which, heat the bottle under a candle or light source. Always use a single flame to heat the bottle.
  • Dip the bottle in cold water and finally, sand them to perfection.

So, it’s all easy to cut the bottles and make them into your innovative stuff.

Innovative candle stands

It’s easy to light up your home with these bottle cutters. You get a Bottle cutter kit where it’s easy to cut the bottles and give them a smooth finish. Now, you can convert them into stunning candle lights. You get a question, how is it possible? It’s possible.

A simple process is to cut the bottle on the side curve, make it big and place the candle in it. Whether the candle is small or big, the light glows perfectly. Another way is to cover the bottle top on the candle and make it illuminate more. There are more ideas in creating funky candle stands.

Decorate your home green

We love greenery and we all wish to live in a green filled environment. Then, why don’t we choose a bottle cutter tool to convert our waste bottles into trending eco-friendly bottles. You can use this bottle cutting tool and grow small plants. You don’t need much space for it, but a simple hanging hook or normal bottle’s space.

It’s simple. Use the machine and slice your wine bottle into self-watering plants. Initially, cut the bottles and keep the top part upside down in the bottle. Now, place your favorite plant on the top. Pour water into it, the water automatically gets in from the bottle top. You can also create plant hangings.

Decorate your dining

Is it possible to decorate your dining? Yes, with the help of a bottle cutter kit. You can serve your dish and decorate your dining table with simple bottles.

 How to decorate? Keep the wine bottles, with a modern and stunning look of wooden combination. Wood assures you a contemporary look. Arrange it in a row and use rainbow colored roses to create a pleasing decorative on the dining.

How will you serve the food? For this purpose, use transparent bottles. Cut the bottle in a horizontal way and serve your most delicious seafood recipe.

The glass bottle cutter can do wonders in your dining table!!

Decorate your living room

People love to keep their living room decorative and energetic with different craft ideas that exhibit their talents. For this, you need one of the best bottle cutter tool.  Simply cut the bottles and innovate funky ideas that make your living room more lively and energetic.

Slice the bottle lower ends and create a colorful collage with the bottom part alone. Fit it into a beautiful frame and keep it as your wall hanging. Cut the wine bottles and hang it with a twig for your creepers to wall up. Use bold colors and paint the bottle in a contemporary look, this converts them into elegant light fixtures.

Gift your friend creative stuff

We probably discuss a lot in buying unique gifts for our loved ones. But, usually we come up with the same boring stuffs. It’s easy to present unique gifts with the help of one of the best bottle cutter.

You can convert the glass into great designs for unique gifts. Airy-beach design is common with strings that adds beauty to your craft. You can cut the bottles into pieces and make them into a chipping wind chime. Cover the bottles with yarn for a stunning contemporary look. Also, use yarn and paint over the bottles for your perfect gift accessory. Choose one of the best bottle cutter by analysing the top bottle cutter reviews.


Instead of throwing your old wine bottles, you can convert them into neat and elegant crafts. The creativity is not limited, you have great miles of innovation with this bottle cutting machine. You get the best bottle cutter on the market, but before going for a purchase, you should go through the top bottle cutter reviews!!